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Web/Mobile GameZone Hosted Solution Mobile Applications

STATS SportVU Tracking Technology outputs creative information and graphics providing value added content for compelling real-time and post-match scoring applications.

The web and mobile platforms are the perfect space to capitalize on STATS unique ability to collect X/Y position data for players and ball to provide a powerful lineup of performance data. When bundled with STATS complete suite of pre-game analysis, player and team statistics, tables and fixtures STATS is able to offer the most premium match and score applications in the marketplace.

  • Match Details - Complete lineups, substitutions, ball speed and formations.
  • Complete Match Statistics - Player and team level statistics for goals, assists, shots on and off target, bookings, fouls, corners and crosses.
  • Next Generation Player Cards - In-depth player statistics including speed profiles, accumulated distance, fatigue, fitness graphs and coverage graphs.

STATS web and mobile applications are delivered with unique customization opportunities:

  • Integration of client branding, colors and fonts
  • Utilization of custom sponsor, branding and promotion
  • Embedded within the client's frame or developed as a popup page
  • STATS can deliver custom commentary unique to the clients site
  • Integration of client generated content (rss, twitter, facebook)
  • Delivered in multiple language

STATS GameZone

  • Web-based hosted match application that goes beyond just the lineups, scores and bookings.
  • Developed utilizing the latest technology including AJAX maximizing speed and flexibility.
  • Widgetized content allowing for a custom experience for each user.
  • Next generation player cards including in-depth player statistics speed profiles, accumulated distance, fatigue and fitness graphs.
  • Accurate player coverage maps displaying where players and teams have spent the most time on the pitch.

Hosted Web Product

  • Turn-key hosted web-solution combining event-based and tracking data to provide users the complete story of the match.
  • In addition to displaying match-level information STATS Hosted Web Product delivers season totals and averages for both players and teams.
  • Unique graphical presentation of match-level data, such as speed breakdowns, possession charts and coverage maps.


  • Turn-key flash match application combining in-depth tracking data and event statistical data and rich editorial
  • Utilizes custom sponsor, branding and promotion opportunities
  • Can be embedded within the client’s frame or developed as a popup page
  • Detailed pitch maps highlighting key performance data including in-depth player statistics speed profiles, accumulated distance